What is the best paint sprayer?

November 1, 2017 Charlice 0

It’s good you want to learn about paint sprayers because frankly, they are the next big things when it comes to painting. With a paint sprayer, you can apply coating four times faster than a roller and ten times faster than a paint brush. It even gets interesting if you [read more]

Can I Paint Exterior Vinyl Shutters?

October 31, 2017 Charlice 0

Most people choose vinyl shutters because they more durable, easy to install, are inexpensive and even offer a choice of style over wood shutters. But after a few years, the color might start to wear out to something you are not really proud off. Compare to wood shutter, they lack [read more]

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Reader Q/A Page

August 1, 2017 Charlice 0

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