How to Organize a Small Kitchen Without a Pantry

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organize a small kitchen without a pantry

Location is just as important as space when it comes to effective kitchen storage especially when you want to organize a small kitchen without a pantry.

While ample storage is a key ingredient to creating a kitchen that is comfortable and easy to work in, the location of individual storage spaces and smart design are just as crucial.

Although large pot drawers, a popular trend in kitchen design, are easy to access and enable better utilization of available space, they can quickly become cluttered unless fitted with appropriate storage systems.

This is why:

They are also susceptible to being overloaded, which often places excess pressure on their mechanical fittings. To avoid this, quality runners should always be used.

organize a small kitchen without a pantryThe correct placement of cabinets designed to store specific items, such as pot and cutlery drawers, is essential to establishing a sound ergonomic workflow in the kitchen.

Brett Ambrose, managing director of specialist hinge, drawer and pull-out systems manufacturer, Blum, says that storage spaces should be organized in ergonomically correct levels.

Frequently-used items should be kept directly above or below bench height.

Less frequently-used items above or below these.

And infrequently-used items in the highest and lowest levels of the kitchen.

This will ensure that the storage gives enough space to store most of your pans and pots. Although not doing this may not have serious consequences for your kitchen, you may be missing out on a lot of opportunities to organize everything in your kitchen.

If you are a DIY person, you know that organization is very important for everything to look lovely. However, the items you are trying to store should always determine the space you build for it.


…an item’s storage location should be determined by how frequently it is used rather than its shape and size.

Proper storage allocation will shorten the distances traveled in the kitchen and save the time taken to complete daily routines.

Ambrose recommends planning in kitchen zones to work out what should be stored where. The zones Blum uses are consumables, non-consumables, cleaning, preparation, and cooking.

This ensures that the items required to complete activities that occur within the context of each zone are stored close by.

How to Organize a Small Kitchen Without a Pantry

Below are some innovative kitchen storage solutions from Blum:

1. Sink drawer

organize a small kitchen without a pantry

Rather than trying to jam cleaning products around bulky plumbing, Blum has come up with a nifty design for a sink drawer which is fitted around the bowl. It eliminates the need to bend down every time you want to use the detergent or rubber gloves and makes better use of the available space.

2. Dividers

The Orga-Line dividing systems are designed to organize everything from cutlery and plates, to pots, Tupperware, and utensils. Adjustable inner dividers can be customized to meet individual storage needs.

The system also includes removable, dishwasher-safe boxes made from stainless steel, which can be arranged as needed. Unlike conventional dividers, the flexible Orga-Line systems utilize the entire width of the drawer.

3. Drawer systems

Blum offers several versatile drawer systems that can be adapted to suit a range of applications. All are designed so they can be fully extended for easy access and view.

Specially designed runner systems and closing functions ensure stability and prevent drawers from slamming, even when carrying heavy loads.

4. Corner cabinet

organize a small kitchen without a pantry

The traditional corner cabinet with bi-fold doors has long been considered an awkward storage space in the kitchen. As a result, it is commonly used to house rarely used items. Instead of shelves, the Blum corner cabinet comprises several drawers, which allow the items stored there to be easily reached.

The cabinet also allows the bench space above it – often wasted – to be utilized as a food preparation area by providing an accessible storage space for all items related to this activity.

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