Bathrooms …Bland No More!

No room in the house is safe from the redecorating craze…and that includes bathrooms!

Dozens of TV shows and magazines are dedicated to the “Do-It-Yourself” decorating frenzy that has taken over otherwise sane people.

Bathrooms are no exception….

Powder rooms and baths are better than ever. They are larger with bigger windows and even skylights, allowing more light into the room.

This presents a decorating opportunity… and a challenge.

The opportunity is that there are more options available for decorating the bath. Dark paint colors and wallpapers that would have over-powered a smaller room with less light can now be used.

Even the most conservative people are willing to become quite daring when decorating the bath. This could be because they don’t actually “live” in the bathroom.

They may feel this gives them greater license to be a little more dramatic or whimsical than they would have in the past.

And what are the challenges presented by today’s baths?

The windows and skylights of course!

Privacy and humidity are the two main concerns to be addressed when choosing a bathroom’s window treatments and accessories.

With the advances in technology, there are several products that can make humidity a mote point.

PVC Vertical Blinds

PVC vertical blinds are one of the most carefree treatments available today. Although you can’t tell, the material is the same used in outdoor patio furniture and plumbing pipes.

It not only resists mildew and is easy to clean, but it provides insulation.

The vanes now come in a variety of colors and can have wallpaper or fabric inserted into them. Should you decide to use wallpaper inserts, be sure to choose a vinyl paper.

The vanes rotate to allow in a little light and still maintain some privacy or can be drawn all the way open to light the whole room.

Pleated shades are another great choice for bathrooms. From the honeycomb pleats to a whole host of other on the market, they are practically maintenance free.

An occasional vacuuming is all it takes. They come in numerous colors and patterns and can be custom cut to fit unusually shaped windows.

Made of a polyester material, they can be very sheer, almost opaque…or anything in between.

Thanks to “faux woods”, blinds are now a safe choice for the bath or any high humidity area. You can have the traditional look of a 2” wood blind, the light control, privacy and color choices without the worry of warping associated with real wood blinds.

If you have skylights but wish you had better light control, your wish has been granted. Skylight shades can now have motorized, as well as hand-cranked, closure systems.

You can now enjoy your skylights and have control over the amount of light they allow in.

Get Selection of Blinds & More

American Blinds, Wallpaper & More has a great selection of all the window treatments mentioned above.

At your request, they will send a catalog of samples showing colors available, measuring information and pricing. It’s a real help when you are beginning your search.

I have always found their customer service department helpful before and after an order has been placed. You might want to check them out.

Do you think that vertical blinds and pleated shades sound a little boring? You can use a neutral shade or blind and top it off with a valance coordinated to the rest of your décor.

It will add softness and color to your room. Be sure to use a fabric that will not stretch due to humidity.

Go beyond the essentials. Bathrooms do not need to be sterile or boring. As with any room, accessories will add the finishing touch and bring out the room’s personality.

And Plants…

Plants are a great addition…and they love the humidity.

Group a few around the tub or hang one in the window. (Plants in the bathroom are the only ones I don’t forget to water!)

A decorative bowl filled with potpourri adds visual interest as well as fragrance. Roll hand towels and place them in an interesting basket.

Take a smaller basket and add colorful, shaped soaps or shells from your last trip to the shore. Baskets are also a good way to keep your daily-care products from filling every available space on the vanity.

A whimsical print hung on the wall….the list is endless.

Bellacor has a wide selection of accessories for the bath. Vanity mirrors, shelving, and wall decor are just a few of the items you’ll find there.

Browsing their website could give you some creative ideas to try.


A bath doesn’t have to be large to have personality. A little imagination can go a long way. A bathroom or powder room is the place to let loose your creativity!

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