There are many spraying sprayers on the market today.

They have been designed to help with difficult painting jobs because nowadays most people even like to do the professional work themselves.

Therefore, the market has been filled with various machines with more or less similar features. However, this particular product is designed for the DIYers.

This is especially beneficial for those people who like to do everything themselves, whether it’s a cabinet painting or a wall.

The biggest feature is that uses less material to do more work.

Features and Specifications

There are many reasons why you should buy the new Earlex Spray Station.

However, before buying the product, one must be well aware of all the details and have some knowledge about it.

This will ensure that the customers get what he expects.

Here are some details that will tell you more about the product:

An Innovative System: The new spray system utilizes an innovative semi-pro system makes it a very great product for small business and home use.

Therefore, workshop owners and DIY people will find this product very useful and helpful.

Powerful: It has a powerful turbine that thrusts spray with more precision and gives a more professional result. This also makes it a versatile machine so it can be used to paint a vast number of different objects.

The gun is fast and can be positioned in three ways. You simply push and click and spray.

Spray Width: You can adjust the spray width. There is a wide range of 1 inch to twelve inches wide for spray selection.

This makes it possible to paint the fine details as well as wider, larger surfaces. So it is equally good for decorative as well as maintenance purposes.

Works with Many Materials: It can use equally well on indoor as well as outdoor objects.  It can be used effectively with latex, varnishes, oils, acrylics, and enamels.

This is a unique feature which isn’t present in other spray systems. It will help you complete different kinds of work without any hindrance.

Many Accessories: Apart from the system itself, there is a stainless steel tip; Teflon coated paint container, angled paint tip as well as stainless steel tip.

For more convenience, it has a very long air hose and power cord. This makes it possible to take almost anywhere without any hindrance.


  • Light and portable
  • Versatile
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Powerful turbine
  • Professional results


  • A darker shade becomes or appears lighter when used with thinner
  • Loud turbine