Decorating Style Quiz

This post was last updated on June 10th, 2018 at 09:22 am

Mark your answers to the decorating style quiz below. Be honest with yourself.

For the present, forget you may have a significant other who wants a say in things!

Go with the answer that is closest to your true feelings.


The Quiz: 

  1. What is your favorite time of day?
    1. Late afternoon just as the shadows start to lengthen.
    2. Early morning as the sun starts to rise.
    3. Any time after 10 p.m.
  2. When purchasing your dream home, you look for…
    1. a two-story brick colonial with a circular drive.
    2. a Cape-style cottage with a white picket fence.
    3. a city-dwellers penthouse.
  3. Last night you won the lottery. This morning you…
    1. call your broker to invest in blue-chip stocks.
    2. write a $10,000 check to your favorite charity.
    3. book a trip to a spa; stash the rest for a new trendy wardrobe.
  4. Your favorite flowers are…
    1. Tulips
    2. Daisies
    3. Orchids
  5. You have invited an important client to your home for dinner. What would you serve?
    1. Beef tenderloin with twice baked potatoes.
    2. Beef stroganoff with homemade parsley noodles.
    3. Grilled swordfish served with a cognac & mustard glaze over rice pilaf.
  6. If you built an addition to your kitchen, it would be…
    1. a family room with fireplace.
    2. a greenhouse/sunroom.
    3. a mirrored workout room.
  7. What type of scenic view do you prefer?
    1. An English garden with a fountain.
    2. A lake surrounded by wildflowers
    3. A downtown city skyline.
  8. What type of furniture do you prefer?
    1. Classic antiques & 18th-century reproductions?
    2. lea market & estate sale finds?
    3. Art deco & sleek contemporary pieces?
  9. Your choice for bathroom fixtures would be…
    1. Brass
    2. Porcelain with hand-painted flowers
    3. Chrome and black onyx
  10. You would prefer your bedroom open onto a …
  1. a slate patio
  2. a secluded garden
  3. sauna & Jacuzzi

Finished? Great!

Now add the number of questions you answered with A’s, the number with B’s and the number with C’s.

If you answered mostly:

A’s: You like the formality of a traditional look. You prefer things orderly and balanced. You like rich, dark woods like cherry and mahogany. The quality of the furniture is important to you.

B’s: You have a warm friendly manner. You prefer the relaxed and informal casual style. You entertain often and with great ease. The company is most important part of a gathering. Country, Romantic & Southwest styles fall into this category.

C’s: Trendsetter best describes you. You thrive in a contemporary, modern environment. You prefer furnishings that have great impact! Asian decorating is included here.


If your answers are scattered through all groups, your style is eclectic! Your interests are varied and wide-ranging. You are used to going your own way and can comfortably live with mixed decorating styles.