Kitchen Cabinets: How to Give Them a Fresh Look… 

When kitchen cabinets begin to wear or become dated, many people jump directly to the conclusion that they have to have them replaced. However, refinishing the existing cabinets is also an option.

With refinishing, you can bring your old kitchen cabinets back to life. And you can save a lot of time and effort by doing it this way.

Methods for Refreshing Your Kitchen Cabinets

There are also a number of other methods you can use if you want to give your kitchen cabinets a fresh look. 

There are many options for kitchen cabinets, such as paint, wallpaper, decorative hardware and glass-panel doors – to name a few of the multitude of choices available.

If you are considering painting your kitchen cabinets, you should remember to choose not only a color that matches with the rest of your kitchen décor but also a color that you like.

After all, even if you choose a color that goes with the rest of the kitchen decorations, you don’t want to have to dread looking at them all the time.

There is certainly more than enough color options where you can choose one that works for both reasons. 

Another option is cabinet refacing. This will give your kitchen a whole new look for basically half the cost of replacement cabinets.

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Buy New or Refinish Your Cabinets?

Also, is it easier and faster than entirely refinishing your kitchen cabinets altogether?

However, one of the most dramatic ways to give your kitchen a whole new look is by refinishing your cabinets.

Although the project is more expensive than many other ideas, the end result is also much more dramatic.  

You can refinish your kitchen cabinets with either painted or varnished finishes, and there are a few steps you must take before starting the refinishing project on your cabinets.

First, you should take the cabinets as far apart as you possibly can, which means taking down all the doors and removing all the hinges and pulls.

You should also clean as best you can all the necessary parts of the cabinets, as there will most likely be grease, wax, silicone, and dirt that must be cleaned off. 

Making the Final Cleanup Is Essential

After this, you can begin the sanding part of the project, which if you do before cleaning will simply embed the dirt and grime deeper into the old finish.

If you have limited time available, or if you are short on patience, you can always consider the option of hiring a professional to come in and do the job for you.

Although you will be paying extra for the labor costs, you may be happier in the end because you will be assured that it will be done promptly and properly.

One of the most important factors of all is to make samples.

In other words, constantly collect samples of ideas and colors that you like so that you have lots of time and don’t have to hurry to make a rush end decision.

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