Tips for Proper Furniture Selection

Those looking for a quick fix to their furniture needs have many outlet stores at their disposal.

Many options in larger furniture warehouses and wholesalers are inexpensive and of mid-range quality.

That means someone looking for a decent kitchen table or living room sofa can find something in their price range and be out of the store fairly quickly.

But those looking to purchase more upscale furniture have more considerations to take into account.

Shopping for high-end furniture can be a time-intensive process. To this end, many people with means simply hire a designer to take care of all the legwork.

But outsourcing design responsibilities should not be a prerequisite for those who want to enjoy nice furniture in their home.

In fact, there are a few simple tips that can help anyone to purchase top-quality furniture with no regrets.

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Inspect the frame and cushions

When inspecting a potential new piece of furniture, such as a sofa, it is important to take the quality as well as price into account.

This is because the price should always represent the overall quality of the piece. To this end, the frame, springs, cushion – they’re all vital.


The customer needs to ask the requisite questions. For example, if the frame is made of wood, it’s necessary to inquire about how the wood was dried and treated.

Kiln-dried frames tend to last longer as they are not as affected by humidity as wood that has been dried through a different process.

Also, the quality of the cushions is important.

As a general rule, the heavier the cushion, the higher the quality.

So high-end pieces of furniture will likely have heavier cushions.

And if they don’t, it’s best to inquire about the exact nature of the spring system inside the cushions, as S-type springs running front to back are the appropriate standard.

Furniture Selection

Inspect the material and tailoring

The quality of expensive furniture should be visible in the stitching of its fabric. That means all stitches should be even and all fabric piping should be in proper alignment.

High-quality furniture has a fabric pattern that runs seamlessly around the whole of the piece, even the back.


Inquire about the leather

It’s not enough to know that a certain piece of furniture is made of leather; whether or not it is top-grain leather is what ensures top quality.

What’s tricky is that some retailers will try to pass off a leather match as the real thing.

But the consumer can easily tell if the leather is authentic by inspecting the base of the piece in order to confirm it is dyed all the way through.

Also, top-grain leather – the best of the best – doesn’t split or require oil.


Check the moving parts

For items with drawers, it’s crucial to inspect the manufacturing quality.

It isn’t a high-end chest of drawers if the drawers in question are slanted at an angle.

Also, removing the top drawer and feeling along its inside for roughness is a good way to spot a low-quality piece.


These are just a few things to look for when shopping for high-end furniture. Above all else, consumers should pay close attention to the warranty. A typical warranty for high-end furniture will likely cover a full five years.

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