Home Office Decorating

How Does Your Home Office Decorating Look Like? Can You Show it to Friends or It Needs Some Work?

You’ve just seen your dream realize before your very eyes –
You’ve established your much desired Home Business.
You’re really excited! …
Now, let’s have some real fun decorating your own Home Office …

I can feel your excitement! … You’re launching ‘doing your own thing’, working for yourself, rather than working for a ‘boss’, no longer doing the JOB (just over broke) thing.

Hey! Well done! … You’ve arrived! …

You’ve had a great idea for a while & you’ve done your research & planning. Or you’ve diligently checked out business opportunities & chosen the one you’re going to go with …

Did you know that a new small business is established every 11 seconds? And the Home Office sector is by far the largest growth sector?

As the number of people working from home grows, the Home Office has become an important functional space. This is regardless of whether you live in a palatial home or even a tiny apartment.

Now, let’s make sure that you set up your own Home Office for absolute best results, wherever you are, that:

  • Gives you a place that’s a joy to work in
  • Has great comfort & supportive working conditions
  • Positions you to achieve a fabulous & abundant income producing business of your very own.

1. Your Home Office – a designated room of its own

Ideally, it’s best if you can dedicate an entire room in your home as your Home Office.

This is particularly important if you’re going to create the most conducive & ‘right’ atmosphere for productive working.

Or to successfully associate that space solely with your business activities. And most importantly to achieve and project a sense of professionalism.

It’s also vital if you’re going to have clients, suppliers or sub-contractors visit.

The best location in a home is a room right next to the front door. This is so that you have a clear view of the front door entry area of your home when visitors arrive. And you can welcome & usher them in upon arrival.

You may have noticed that most new home designs have this as a feature. This location makes it easier also to close off, or partition off, from the rest of your home.

Keep your Home Office contained & separate if you can. Don’t confuse it with the rest of your home. It’s more professional if you can divide the home office space & its activity from the rest of your home.

It’s preferable not to have your clients having to be ushered in through your home.

This might lead to encroaching on or climbing over, personal home spaces you share with other family members, en route. Sometimes perhaps even long & circuitous to your Home Office.

If this is the only location you can find in your home, then a separate entry is something you may want to consider.

2. Your Home Office space – ‘shared’ within another room space

If you’re not able to dedicate a separate room for your Home Office – that’s OK, just find a space in a room where you can locate the best space for your working Home Office.

Designating & sectioning off a part of your living room would work just as well. Perhaps a corner of the dining room or a guest room would work best for you.

You can use a decorative screen or partition to great effect to define the area. It’s best to find a space that is out of the main thoroughfare of the rest of your home.

It’s best to select a room that isn’t cluttered as your aim is to create the atmosphere, ‘look & feel’ of a successful, purposeful, thriving Business Home Office.

Other possibilities: 

  • A stairway landing – if you have a large enough space. In some homes, the area at the top of the staircase may have space also as the hallway leads to the bedrooms. In some modern home designs, this area is expanded & often called the Parent’s Retreat – could also be used.
  • Convert a closet – that you can install a desk within its walls & outfit with electrical points, with doors that can open up your home office area or close it away out of view.
  • Aloft or attic – you could use these spaces effectively for your Home Office.
  • A room over a garage – ideal as its away from the main home activity areas, & with a bit of ingenuity & a little elbow grease, you could create a wonderful creative entryway to this Home Office over your garage.

Once you have picked your location, you can then go about getting the right atmosphere & mood, & the best layout & placement of your Home Office just right.

3. Home Office Colors – where you can shine

Let your imagination go dreaming & imagine the color you would love to be surrounded by as you work each day to make your Home Business a real success – colors that inspire you, energize you, focus you, relax you, & make you feel good …

Is it a flowing medley of the colors from the rest of your home, or a variation of those colors, or a contrast with real purpose & statement?

Is there a color or color combinations that you’ve thought about for your Home Business stationery that can carry through to your Home Office & still blend in with the rest of your home?

Blue or turquoise is great for business & superb for concentration & focus.

Visit this section of my website for tips about choosing colors.

Home office space must be comfortable

4. Home Office layout – keep it organized

Let’s have a look at the layout of your Home Office. The best approach is to define areas within your room into zones – Look at how you will want to use this room for your activities.

  • An area for your desk and work area with computer and printer.
  • The area for a meeting table and chairs
  • An area for filing cabinets, bookshelves etc

The position of Your Desk:

Your desk is best positioned in the corner of the room furthest away from and looking on to the doorway. This gives you a position of strength, looking into your office and your doorway.

If possible, small conference table for meetings, if you’re going to have clients or visitors – located as close to the door as possible is best.

So this becomes your meeting area – as soon as your visitors arrive, & they don’t have to cross your room & perhaps see computer cables, overlook files & paperwork on your desk etc. Be professional & exude an air of professionalism.

Filing Cabinets & Storage: 

Filing cabinets – best to keep to 2 drawers preferably or 3 drawers, unless you have a far away dark corner to place a 4 drawer that won’t overshadow or overpower the room.

Filing cabinets can also be used to divide the room into areas. Or against walls.

Storage baskets


If you stay for longer in your office, you should take the lighting seriously. This is because it affects how you work – your productivity may drop if you have poor lighting.

So ensure you make necessary arrangements here to ensure you get adequate lighting for your work.

5. De-cluttering – Less is more in a Home Office 

Remember, de-cluttering is one of our favorite subjects.

Great tip – you have a superb opportunity to set up your Home Office right from scratch – only have what you need. Get rid of stuff you don’t need, multiples of items etc.

Another great tip – when doing a spring clean – remove everything from your office & take the opportunity for a big throw-out – only return things to your office that you absolutely need.

If you can, file away older files that you may need for a while to refer back to (examples of your work, history etc) in storage boxes or a filing cabinet in a corner of your garage.

Floor spaces:

Hard floor surfaces – best for office area, especially under the desk & where your chair rolls back & forth

Here’s a tip – when considering how I would protect my floorboards from my office chair rolling back & forth all day, I went to my local hardware store outlet & found/bought clear plastic film used for curtain backing to place on the floor where chair rolls back & forth to protect the floorboards.

Make sure that your floor is perfectly cleaned (I find hot water with a dose of methylated spirits is best), let it dry. Then cut the clear film to size & place on the floor.

It will lay cozily flat on the floor & not move around, almost like having static magnetized qualities, without any adhering or adhesive residues. It will stay flat, but peel up easily without leaving any marks or residue at all.

Can still decorate/dress up & define an area with a rug – perhaps under the meeting table or if you have a couple of chairs arranged for meeting space.

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