How to Fix A Chair Leg Support [Fast and Easy]

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Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions:

  • Is there any tutorial on how to repair broken wood furniture? 
  • What is the best way on how to fix split wood chair leg?
  • Is there a way I can learn how to fix a broken chair back?

If you answer yes, then you need a fast solution on how to fix a chair leg support and that is what this tutorial will help you do.

First, you must figure out the way you want to do the repair, get a plan.

For this tutorial, we will be fixing a broken arm on a dining room chair.

As you can see from the photo its a fairly clean break and this should be an easy fix even considering my limited furniture building skills (lol), so let’s get started.

How to Fix A Chair Leg Support (4 Steps)

Step #1. Remove debris/dirt from the broken wood 

How to Fix A Chair Leg Support
Remove debris/dirt from the broken wood

OK! The first thing you want to do is remove any type of debris that may prevent the two pieces of wood from fitting back together flush. Any nails, screws, glue, fragments of wood or anything else, remove it.

You can use any sort of tools for this from a razor blade to a sharp kitchen knife, just make sure it’s as clean as possible.

After you clean the break, try to fit the two pieces of wood back together, make sure it fits good.

If it does fit nice and snug, move on to step two. If it doesn’t, keep cleaning and chipping the debris away until you get a good snug fit. 

Step #2. Drill a small hole in the wood

How to Fix A Chair Leg Support
Drill a small hole in the wood

In this case, I am going to use a small dowel, a drill, a hammer, and some glue.

First I am going to drill a small hole (just smaller than the dowel itself) in each of the broken halves of furniture.

Make sure not to go too deep on either one, the depth needs to be split equally amongst the two pieces.

Then I want to take the glue and make sure I get the dowel completely covered in glue, you can use your fingers or whatever.

If you look at the picture on the right, you can see the two holes I drilled in the chair. This is where the small piece of wood will go that anchors the two part together.

After the small dowel is covered in glue, fit it into one of the holes you drilled and then lightly hammer it down into the hole. It should now look something like this

After that, I put a small piece of wood in the drilled hole. It’s like the size of a golf tee. This can be purchased at any hardware store.

Step #3. Align the broken parts

How to Fix A Chair Leg Support
Align the broken parts

Now, take the other piece of the chair and fit it into place, make sure everything will line up correctly when the time is right to make this fix permanent.

If it appears that everything is going as planned you need to cover the entire break with a nice thick coat of glue.

Again, you can use your fingers or a small brush, whatever works.

You are going to need a wet rag to remove any excess glue, and there will be excess glue, so get your wet rag ready.

Get everything lined up and then gently tap the arm into place. Don’t forget to add glue first!

Step #4. Position the arm

How to Fix A Chair Leg Support
Position the arm

Now take the broken arm and place it in the correct position.

You should actually use a rubber hammer, if you don’t have a rubber hammer then you may want to get some sort of cushion to put between the hammer and the finished wood.

Even a few layers of masking tape would probably be good.

Make sure your hole and everything else is lined up. Then lightly tap it with the hammer into place.

You’re going to notice the glue will probably get a bit messy, don’t let it dry on the finished parts, clean all excess glue off ASAP.

After the break is flush and looks fairly decent then move on to step four.

In the picture above, you can see how the chair has been glued. Now we need to let it dry and begin the touch-up process.


Now that you have learnt how to how to repair your broken wood furniture, you want to learn how to touch it up. The next section will help you out!

How to Touch Up Repaired Chair Leg Support 

Step #1. Let the chair dry overnight

Well now that the chair has been glued and we have let it dry overnight, we need to work on the break area of the furniture.

It needs to be sanded down so it’s flush and we can get some filler inlets.

So let’s use some 220 grit sandpaper and sand any uneven areas of the break.

Think about it like one half of a drawbridge being raised, this is what we want to fix. If you run your hand across the break, you should feel a gap, but you shouldn’t feel and unevenness.

Here is what the chair looked like after we sanded and filled it. It looks pretty bad at the moment:

How to Fix A Chair Leg Support
Chair Looking Bad Here

Here is the area where the chair connects to the back. This was missing a huge chunk of wood, so we had to form this big chunk of putty to fit here:

How to Fix A Chair Leg Support
Big Chunk of Putty

Step #2. Use your favorite tools for the touch-up

Now there are a ton of tools to use for touchup, just pick something that you are familiar with.

For this, I am going to use some powdered paints with lacquer for the liquid agent. First I will add a darker base color to all affected areas and go from there.

This is the touch-up paint I will use on the chair.

How to Fix A Chair Leg Support
Paint to use for touchup

And below is the images of the before and after of the fixed chair leg support. See the difference in tone and color?

How to Fix A Chair Leg Support
Before and After of fixed chair leg support

The fixed chair doesn’t have any sign that it has just been repaired or that it was once broken.

Of course, you now should be more careful when you use it so you don’t break it quickly again. But since the construction is strong, it should hold up well.


You don’t always have to throw out damaged chairs. With a few tools, your own creativity, and a little time, you can easily fix any broken chair back. Don’t forget to share this guide on how to fix a chair leg support.


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