How to Paint Your Garage Floor

Painting a garage floor is a worthwhile project since it will aid keep your floor free of charge of stains and deterioration.

It will give your garage that showroom gaze, and will possibly save you money in the long run as it may aid reduce the demand for major floor-repair later on.

That’s the cause of automobile dealerships and mechanic’s shops paint their floors.


  • Epoxy paint (specifically formulated for garage floors)
  • Primer
  • Paint rollers with aqua-resistant and solvent-resistant covers
  • Nylon paintbrushes
  • Bleach or driveway cleaner
  • Concrete etcher (if needed)
  • Concrete/mortar-repair compound or concrete patch
  • Stiff-bristle brushes
  • Pressure washer (optional)
  • Goggles or other eye protection
  • Protective rubber gloves
  • Safety Alert: Since this project will involve paints and cleaners that may produce harmful fumes, constitute
  • certain that your employment area is well ventilated. Wear eye protection and protective gloves to protect your
  • eyes and hands against caustic chemicals.


The garage in this case — before the paint occupation — had cracks in the floor as well as stains and deterioration.
This project requires epoxy paint, a hard finish that will hold up to wear and resist cracking and peeling.

Important: The air and floor-surface temperatures demand to be between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit for the paint to adhere properly. Read and follow the directions that come with your epoxy paint.

Before Painting

Before you begin painting, sweep and clean the floor thoroughly. Then, to remove stains employ a 3-to-1 aqua-to-bleach mixture or a commercially prepared concrete or driveway cleaner.

Be certain to wear gloves and eye protection. Spray the cleaner on the stains, allow it to soak in for a hardly any minutes, then scrub the stain using a stiff-bristle brush.

After you’ve scrubbed the floor, rinse the filled area well with clean aqua — starting at the back of the garage and moving forward.

For hard stains, you may desire to employ a pressure washer to clean the concrete quickly and thoroughly. Pressure washers are available at most rental centers.

Repair Any Damage

Once the floor is clean and dry, repair any cracks in the concrete using concrete/mortar-repair compound for smaller cracks or concrete patch for larger ones.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and constitute certain that the cracks are too clean and dry before applying the compound.

Next, you may demand to etch the surface of the concrete — a way that opens the pores of the concrete surface so that the paint can be absorbed bigger.

To evaluate whether your floor needs to be etched, sprinkle a miniature extent of aqua on the floor. If it is absorbed into the concrete quickly, the floor probably doesn’t demand some etching to put it right.

If the aqua does not absorb quickly, exercise a commercial concrete etcher consequent the manufacturer’s instructions. A “fizzing” as the etcher is applied indicates that it’s working.

After etching, allow the floor to dry thoroughly (at least overnight) before you begin painting. Fans will aid celerity the drying way. The properly prepared surface will have a texture roughly alike to medium-grit sandpaper.


Before applying paint, exercise a primer coat using a long-handled paint roller. A great primer coat is a key to a long-lasting paint occupation. Allow the primer to dry for at least 8 hours before applying the paint top-coat.

There are many types of paint and primer products available for this type of occupation. Read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions that come with the ones you select.

Make certain that the paint is well mixed and exercise a thin much first coat. Allow the first coat to dry for about 24 hours before deciding whether you desire to do another coat.

Important: To exercise the paint, be certain to employ nylon brushes and lint-free of charge, all-purpose, solvent- and aqua-resistant roller covers.

Avoid applying more than two coats. Wait about 24 hours before walking on the newly painted surface, and wait about a week before driving on it.

You’ll possible demand to do touch-up employment on the heavy-traffic areas of the floor every year or so.

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