8 Simple Tricks to Make Small Bathrooms Look Big

Do you have a bathroom that you are afraid to show to your visitors? Too small for your likeness? Then you are not alone.

Your bathroom should be an oasis of peaceful tranquillity, a place you can retreat to and relax in the tub after a hard day.

It has to have the right color and decoration and in the right proportion. But what if it looks too small to be even considered interesting?

If you are finding it hard to make your bathroom this way, don’t despair.

There are a few simple interior design tricks that can make it look larger, more spacious, and beautiful without serious changes.

Here are a few of the tricks you can try right now:

1. Let there be light.

If your bathroom is dimly-lit, it’ll seem smaller and more enclosed. Large windows and bright lighting can conquer this.

To do: Remove dark, opaque shades and curtains.

You can also install larger window or add additional lighting and replace all fluorescent yellow bulbs with more powerful white LEDs.

2. Make it all white.

An all-white color scheme will make it more difficult to judge the distance between furnishings, creating the illusion of more space. White also reflects light better, so your bathroom will be lighter as a bonus.

To do: Make sure any visible bathroom products are white, such as soaps and shampoo bottles.

Switch colored towels and floor mats for all-white ones and repaint or re-tile walls with white or pale pastel colors.

3. Tear down your cabinets.

Fixed cabinets visually break up the wall space, cutting the proportions. Remove any visual obstructions that aren’t a necessity.

To do: Remove cabinet doors and fit glass-fronted draws and cabinets. You can also mount floating shelves to create more space to store your things.

4. Get rid of your vanity.

A large vanity can take up much-needed space and encourage clutter. A simple pedestal will take up less space both physically and visually.

To do: Remove clutter and unnecessary items from your surfaces. Where possible, take away unnecessary counters and tops and replace your vanity with a pedestal sink.

5. More mirrors are a must.

Mirrors are fantastic for reflecting light around the room and also create the illusion of more space.

To do: Increase the size of existing mirrors. Add multiple mirrors and install large sheets of mirror glass to the wall.

6. Try a different door.

Consider what type of door is best for your bathroom: hinged doors are the most common type of door installed but not always the optimum choice.

To do: Try changing the way your door swings. Adding slide doors can liberate floor space and adding bi-fold doors can free up floor and wall space.

7. Make your shower see-through.

A solid shower curtain or enclosure will block a large portion of a small bathroom. By making it transparent or removing it entirely, you free up more visual space.

To do: Substitute an opaque shower curtain for a clear one. Replace fronted glass with clear glass and waterproof your entire bathroom and remove the shower enclosure completely.

8. Turn your door into a storage space.

Make the most of your door by using it as a storage space – this way, you can keep toiletries and other essentials from cluttering up the rest of the bathroom.

To do: Hand a ‘door shoe-holder’ and use it for toiletries. Attach towel racks and affix storage consoles or shelving containers.

Make Small Bathroom Look Big

At the end of the day, size doesn’t matter. Keep it clutter-free, clean, and use the strategic tips above – your bathroom will be a peaceful retreat in no time.


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