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This series will be examining the different equipment used in painting as well as the techniques for doing that in different perspectives, but you will still need to learn a lot more to be truly proficient at spray painting.

If you want to become proficient at spray painting, the best way to do that is to Just Start! In fact, many Technical Colleges have some courses that involve spray painting and they are available to the public. They are a nice way of learning more about this thing and improving your own skills.

If you are reading this, it actually means you are ready to put in the work. And in this resource page (or simply beginner series), I will try to help you learn as much as you would need so that you can save thousands of dollars by doing your own painting instead of hiring contractors.
What’s the Beginner Series All About?
If you want to be a good finisher with your painting equipment, you have to have a good and deep knowledge of the paints and coatings that are popular in this space. Often, many manufacturers of these materials have comprehensive sales and technical literature that covers everything you will need to know.

They will provide you with substantial details and are readily available from the manufacturers themselves as well as material distributors. Most often, you will find publications from this company that provides information on the techniques and best practices for surface preparation and applications.

This means you will be learning how to use painting equipment like a paint sprayer, the techniques required for achieving stunning and professional finishes and maintenance and troubleshooting that’s required for your paint sprayer.

If you are in this for the long haul, you want to take special note of the last two aspects. Maintenance is probably the most important thing you will need if you want to enjoy each spray you buy for a long time.

You will typically find a lot of information that covers this from Youtube videos and other publications from manufacturers. Because this website is still new, I’m trying to come up with a lot of these so that you can learn off here. For the time being, I’ll be focusing on completing these series as well as the eBook I’m rounding up.

I will try to make the information on this page help you as your journey towards mastering and perfecting of your finishing skills. In this series, you will be learning about most of the components of spraying such as compressors, air control equipment, hose, respirators, spray guns, material containers, pumps and spray booths. You will also learn about the different kinds of gun types – conventional, HVLP, and compliant.

All you need is to read these series, understand them, and input your own spray painting practices. This will enable you to handle most of the spray painting situations you will likely face after getting your own paint sprayer. I have tried to provide as much information as possible, in a simple to digest format, and in a series for a good understanding.

You don’t have to read all the series at once, if you come across this resource after it’s finished, because it is purposely divided into smaller sized chunks for easy understanding. If you are wondering what you should expect in the coming weeks as other parts of this guide gets completed, take a look at these bullets (sorts of a table of content):

Surface Preparation
Paint Preparation
Health and Safety
Air Compressors
Air Control Equipment
Masks and Respirators
Hose and Connections
Air Atomising Spray Guns
Fluid Feed
10 Spray Booths

Each of these will be covered in detail and in simple language so that you can understand quickly. I refer it as a beginner or newbie guide for you to learn the basics before moving on to advance stuffs. If you are a professional painter, you may find that most of this information is basic and you may move on. But if you are a beginner, there is a lot for you to learn here.

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