Vintage Signs Add Character to Your Home

Don’t know which Vintage Signs Add Character to Your Home? This article will help you out.

If your feeling your home lacks character, a vintage look is a perfect way to head. Not only does this look allow you to revamp your home but also it doesn’t come with the large price tag.

Vintage designs are all about finding old hidden treasures and adding your own personal touch.

When trying to achieve this look, applying white or cream paint to your walls instantly gives off the impression of a larger space and fresh feel.

However, even soft colors like eggshell blue, olive greens and light pink can make the room feel welcoming and cozy.

When using these neutral colors, it’s a natural way to allow light into your home.

Vintage Signs Add Character to Your Home – Adding Color to Any Room

To add more color to your room, pay attention to the small details such as vintage ornaments and fabrics.

If you are struggling to find these in your attic, head down to your local charity store which is an ideal place to find small works of art at low prices or sew together a patchwork quilt to add character to the room.

As fabrics go, stick with floral, stripes and lace as these pretty designs take you back to the simple life of the 1940’s where these vintage interior designs originated.

Don’t let yourself think you need to purchase new furniture in order to create this look!

If you have any wooden furniture that you would like to use, take a sander to strip off the old paint then get candle wax and rub it onto the places where you think your furniture would have aged.

Apply the paint and leave to dry. Once dry, lightly sand off the wax, which should give your furniture that perfect, worn look.

A perfect way to finish the room is with a personalized handcrafted vintage inspired plague that would look ideal in a bedroom above the bed or on the door.

To make the vintage style flow throughout the home, you could place one of these signs in your bathroom. Put all these creative ideas together and you have created a vintage look that makes your home unique.

Personalised to make any room have that extra special touch.

Vintage Signs Add Character to Your Home

Vintage Signs Add Character to Your Home

Vintage Signs Add Character to Your Home

Vintage Signs Add Character to Your Home


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