Tips on Window and Wall Decorating for Your Small Place

In this article, you’ll learn the best tips on window and wall decorating for your small place.

If it isn’t obvious by now keeping it simple is the best way to keep a small home looking as big as possible. And today, along the same theme we’re going to talk a little bit about window and wall decorating ideas.

A few good strategies on how to accentuate your small home and things to avoid doing that will detract from the beauty of your home.

When adding accents to your walls you have some options to choose from. Let’s speak only of the most recommended options at the moment.

Which are…

  • posters or prints
  • florals
  • mirrors
  • clocks

But even out of those small choices there are things that which can be considered to help you create the best look possible in your home.

Much of which size and quantity are of great value.

How to Handle Family Photos

Wall decorating with pictures is usually the most valuable subject.

Why? Because they can have a great significance with how charming or disarming your home looks when you hang them on your walls.

Some people overdo it with pictures by choosing to hang too many family photos on their walls (of the wrong size).

This is a specific area in which the “less is more” motto is of high value.

I think pictures are wonderful things to display in your home. But how they are displayed is the key phrase.

Generally, family photos are very interesting to look at but I think the best thing to keep in mind is that your walls do not have to be used as a photo album. Usually, if you use walls to do what a photo album should do it just leaves your home looking cluttered and smaller.

You can use a real photo album to do what you otherwise wanted your wall to do and it will be far more significant and interesting for guests to view and talk about as a good conversation piece.

Besides photo albums, family photos can be displayed throughout your home on side tables and other like-minded places and still add the same family-feel to your small place as you might have once tried to obtain with your wall.

So although the wall is a nice drawing board, so to speak, it should be one of the last places you use as a memorabilia.

However along the same lines, something like a family portrait is an exception to the rule, but we’ll get to that shortly.

First, let me ask you a very important question…

What is Your Motto?

Your home doesn’t always have to be decorated with specific style in mind. Consider decorating it with a specific theme instead.

Everyone has something they like to be reminded of from day to day. Consider hanging up something that serves as a positive personal reminder to you. For me, it has always been…


Interested in seeing what pictures I chose to hang up in my small home? If so, you can some more ideas here!

On an emotional level this is a very good reminder to me when I look around my apartment and I see three very cheerful posters of Santa Clause hanging on my wall.

Though Santa has no real significance to me, it helps me remember how much God has blessed my life and that I would like to continue to maintain the gratitude of being alive each day and allowing each day to have just as much value as the next.

Overall my aspirations are to treat each day with the same significance and cheerful tidings as we all have during Christmas.

So the drive behind the essence of my apartment was a happy feeling that served as a personal reminder to me that each day is just as important as any designated holiday.

Maybe you have some other message in mind that you’d like to wake up to everyday?

Bigger is Better

A few large sized posters hanging in your home is a great way to go. Why? Because they are big enough to add some real character, style, and feeling to your home.

Big enough in size. Few enough in number to offer your home that clean uncluttered look that you may desire.

You want to decorate your walls but you don’t want to suffocate them. You want to add beauty to your home but you don’t want to add clutter.

The problem with a lot of smaller pictures is that they don’t cover much wall area. When you hang one on your wall you’re then stuck with having to hang up more to offset your previous attempt.

Like a seesaw the need for balance with small pictures can become too much of a juggling act and in the end the results may be too many pictures which leaves your wall looking too busy.

Now this isn’t to say hanging up some small pictures are a bad idea. In fact I have one in my home hanging up.

So no, a small picture here and there can be wonderful. Especially when it’s hung in the right place. It’s all about class and style.

The goal is to just keep the small pictures to a minimum.

A few big pictures and even fewer small pictures.

If you are looking for a poster or print for your small home you can do a search and find ART PRINTS at! for your small home.

What About Size?

Good sized pictures to hang in your home to start with are posters that are…

  • 16 x 20
  • or 18 x 24 in size.

They’re not too big or too small.

One poster per wall is a good way to start out. Two posters, at most, on a single wall if the wall is fairly long.

Recommended small sizes are pictures no smaller than 8 x 10.

Be certain to get your frames for the posters at a local supermarket or thrift store to cut costs.

Wonderful frame colors to go with are silver, gold, and natural wood.

What About Florals?

Hanging florals are a wonderful idea because they can accent areas which posters can’t always do. Doorways and windows are of special significance when it comes to florals. Walls too.

Florals also come in colors that are very vibrant in which posters can’t always compete with. Very rich greens, purples, pinks…

So consider one or two florals in your home. If you have a large doorway try hanging one above your doorway, in the center, that trickles down like vines.

For the window or patio door consider getting a wall hook, plant holder, and find a silk hanging plant that resembles a life-like fern (with rich green colors) to excentuate your small home. Or even one with flowers.

The floor is also another option. Get a huge pot and create your own silk bouquet of flowers or purchase a large silk tree and place it in the corner of your wall, near your patio door, or in your bedroom.

One to two florals per room are recommended but not exceeding three. One for a large doorway, one in front of a window or patio door, and one on the floor (which is optional).

What About Windows?

Windows are an interesting subject. I grew up with in a home in which windows were decorated with curtains but when I moved out on my own I quickly learned that windows do not have to necessarily be decorated with curtains at all.

In my years of rooming with my sister and living on my own I have never added a curtain to any of my windows and found that it did not take away from the essence of my home at all. However, it doesn’t mean that decorating your windows with curtains won’t add to it.

It just means that you have the option of simply hanging up mini blinds or shades but you don’t have to necessarily hang up curtains. Windows can be kept simple and still look good and curtains can be optional.

It’s up to you.

Though if you’re interested in hanging up curtains the best look and feel for small homes, to me, have always been valances or scarves and swags.


Because they are just enough to accent your window but not overdo it. So to speak, they frame the window much like that of a picture.

They add style without suffocating a window.

What About Mirrors?

Mirrors are wonderful when kept to a minimum in my opinion. No more than one or two mirrors in a home always looked best to me.

But mirrors do not have to be used as decorative pieces. It’s all in personal preference. A big mirror as a center piece on a large wall can add a stunning appeal or even a small mirror on a narrow wall.


Remember big to big, small to small?

Like we discussed in “Arranging Furniture in Small Spaces” large pieces are matched to large walls. Smaller pieces are matched to smaller walls. Just as you match furniture to walls the same goes with wall decor.

If you don’t mind the minor inconvenience of a large mirror concerning weight or the effort it will take to hang it then a large mirror placed in the center of a wall right above a loveseat or sofa can do wonders to set off the beauty and balance in a small home.

What About Clocks?

Clocks can be hung on a wall but I’ve come to feel that hanging clocks are less attractive in a home when hung on walls. My personal opinion on clocks is that they look best on side tables or accent tables.

I used to actually think the opposite. But in my recent experience I’ve found clocks to take up valuable wall space yet not add much decorative appeal to them. Instead I find that they tend to minimize the beauty by looking clunky, cluttery, and overdone.

Since a clock can be viewed in many places why not try displaying them on side tables, bookshelves, accent tables and other places like that?

Or consider hanging them in places of less importance like the kitchen or bathroom in which they can actually have some monumental value on your wall.

What Other Decorative Options are There?

Besides the basics you have other options which you may want to consider. Most of the options below are a little more complicated in appearance and more costly but let’s talk briefly about them and the options that you have.

Other decorative options to consider are…

  • Tapestries

    Tapestries can be very dramatic in appearance. If you are interested in hanging a tapestry on your wall. First consider that many tapestries don’t have a very happy look and feel. Unless you want to create a dramatic affect in your home you may want to overlook tapestries since they have a very “serious” style to them and most of the time they are very costly.

  • Paintings

    Paintings can be wonderful in your home. Since there are paintings of all kinds it wouldn’t be difficult to find a painting to suit all moods. Whether happy or dramatic. If you want a very specific artsy feel to your home a painting could be a wonderful choice for your small home. Watercolor paintings are often a bit happier whereas oil and acrylic paintings often look more serious and create more of a dramatic affect. The costs of paintings suits all budgets so finding one within your price range is easy enough.

  • Portraits

    Portraits are the perfect way to display your family photo. This is the one area in which hanging a family photo in your small home can add some style and class. The portrait does not have to be large or extravagent in order to provide a wonderful affect to your home. The cost of most portraits fit almost all budgets.


Did someone say family portrait?

I happen to have a self-portrait that I drew of myself hanging up in my home. If you want to see take a look by clicking here.

  • Decorative fans

    If you want an asian presence in your home decorative fans can be a fantastic way to go. One or two in your home will do the trick. However, decorative fans can add accent to just about any home of any style. Your home does not necessarily have to have an asian appeal in order to benefit from decorative fans.

  • Fountains

    Wall fountains can provide a relaxing mood to your home. Most of them add a dramatic look to your home as well. But a happy look and feel can be achieved just the same. The selection of many wall fountains aren’t as great as tabletop fountains and the cost is another downside. Also remember that wall fountains can be quite heavy.

In the end, there are many choices. Many that are a little less practical. But you don’t have to go above and beyond the basics of decorating to have an elegant and stylish home.

Simple does it every time. So remember to keep it simple. Keep it cheap and keep yourself happy in the process.

Large pieces in few quantities rather than small pieces in large quantities. Small rations for small spaces to keep your home looking as big as possible.

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