Best Paint Sprayer for the Money of 2018

Buying the best paint sprayer for the money is not easy!

It means that you want to get a paint sprayer that offers a good value for your investment. While most are purported as the best in the industry, it can be difficult to actually come down to one that delivers excellently.

With a dig around, we were able to come up with some of the best best value paint sprayer with different price points and features. Because no one sprayer is the best, we have chosen five models that fits this criteria.

If you are willing to save some extra money on the next painting project, paint sprayers are going to make your job much easy. Finding the right paint sprayer can be a tricky process.

You want a tool which is versatile, reliable and yet affordable as you need to get the best out of your investment. A wide number of paint sprayers are available in the market. In this article, we have reviewed the top models of paint sprayer.

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Full Review of the Best Paint Sprayer for the Money

HomeRight Finish Max Fine Finish HVLP Sprayer

Best Paint Sprayer for the Money

HomeRight Finish Max Fine Finish HVLP Sprayer happens to be one of the premier paint sprayers. It comes with the three-way spray setting that offers detailed and precise control over the job.

Adjustable spray patterns along with low price, precision volume control contribute to making this product predominant for woodcrafts, cabinets, fixtures, furniture and fitting over different similar options. It is possible to utilize viscosity cups prior to maintaining for the determination of thinning needs.

You can pour the liquid into viscosity cup for finding out the time which is required for draining the liquid from the cup. You can do it easily and at the same time, it is quite effective too. You can clean the cups with the aid of warm and soapy water in case you are utilizing water-based projects.

It is considered to be an ideal option for small and medium projects, though it can be used for the large projects as well and its 2.0 mm brass spray tip and housing are beneficial for improved performance and longevity.

  • Three different spray patterns are inclusive of vertical, horizontal, and circular
  • The trigger control knob can be adjusted for changing spray pattern
  • Sprays for laying down a professional finish evenly
  • It is not a suitable product for larger products
  • Require thinning of stains

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Graco Magnum 257025 Project Painter Plus Paint Sprayer

Best Paint Sprayer for the Money

Graco Magnum 257025 Project Painter Plus Paint Sprayer contributes to being one of the well-renowned sprayers that are capable of handling some of the most prominent home improvement projects such as sheds, interior projects, fences, and decks.

It enables spraying directly from 5 or 1-gallon container letting the completion of larger projects in no time. It has Reverse-A-Clean Spray Tip which happens to be one of the best features of this painter that clears the tip plugs along with a twist.

It is recognized to be one of the most common features of this sprayer that connects to the garden hose with an eye to cleaning up at a faster rate. Easy Adjustable Pressure happens to be one of the features of this paint sprayer that provides the ultimate control for paint flow.

Low and stable profile along with integrated pail hook and thus it is possible to carry everything at ease. Plus the stainless steel piston pump enables spraying paint unthinned at very high pressure.

  • Fully adjustable pressure offers ultimate control of paint flow for the project of any size
  • The flexible suction tube is beneficial in spraying from 1-5 gallon paint bucket directly
  • It is capable of supporting up to 50ft of paint hose for reaching peaks
  • There is a learning curve involve especially for first time users.
  • The product is a bit expensive

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Wagner 0529010 Flexio 590 HVLP Paint Sprayer

Best Paint Sprayer for the Money

The Wagner Flexio 590 Sprayer is considered to be an indoor and outdoor hand-held sprayer kit which is ideal for different projects. It offers low overspray, full coverage, and adjustable control. It is recognized to be a sophisticated tool and people love having it in their homes. It is small and lighter in weight.

It offers more than 60% of the airflow for offering smooth and professional coverage without the coating. X-Boost Turbine happens to be three times more powerful as compared to the traditional high volume that allows spraying coating.

  • iSpray nozzle adjustments are inclusive of narrow, or wide and vertical patterns
  • It is ideal for interior walls, exterior surfaces, and fine finishing
  • Accessory detail finish nozzle is ideal for fine finishing, small projects
  • The capacity of viscosity handling and speed is limited owing to low pressure

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Tack Life SGP15AC  Advanced Hand Held Electric Spray Gun

Best Paint Sprayer for the Money

Tacklife SGP15AC Paint Sprayer happens to be one of the well-renowned paint sprayers which have gained high prominence in these days. Three nozzle sizes and three spray patterns are essential for using at work or home at ease. It comprises of exclusive Easy Fill Canister that permits clean and fast refills.

The integrated Smart Select spray tip is useful for making a user friendly adjustment which can be understood at ease. It is possible to remove each and every part of the machine at ease. Thus, you can clean the same in a convenient manner. And its adjustable valve knobs are beneficial for the adjustment of flow rate for the coating speed.

  • The product has a portable design
  • Sprays coating without leaving brush marks
  • The smoothness of paint can be controlled at ease
  • Some users complained that this paint sprayer uses a lot of paint


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Astro 4008 Spray Gun With Cup Paint Sprayer

Best Paint Sprayer for the Money

This product is designed for faster application of heavy coatings, primers, glues. The tool enhances productivity and saves money with the reduction of waste.

Holding the gun can be done from any angle along with different fill levels at the time of maintaining proper suction and without the spillage of paint from the canister.

It features a large Adjustable Fan Along With Superior Atomization. It is possible to adjust the fan up to a size of 11 inch and offering clean and even coverage which cannot be matched by the brush. Two-piece construction with the gun features an exclusive design of air valves.

  • Presence of wide fan pattern control that is fully adjustable
  • Can be cleaned with ease
  • Serves all-purpose
  • Some users complained that the product required extreme thinning

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Final Words on the Best Paint Sprayer for the Money

If you are willing to invest in a paint sprayer, you can give a consideration to choose from the above-mentioned ones. Of course, they have some drawbacks but considering the features they offer, they are worth the investment.

With a few more findings such as reading more reviews on the actual product page before buying, you can make an informed decision because you will be knowledge than the average search on how to select the best paint sprayer for the money.